Buy and Sell Firearms in Sumner


So many gun brands. So many gun models. So many calibers.

The purchase of a firearm is an extremely personal purchase. Most folks know what they want and why. Their purpose for shopping with Pistol Annie's Jewelry & Pawn is price, selection, and customer service. The collectors know we carry many beautiful examples of firearms of many different times and styles.

For those who do not know what they need in a firearm, they are looking for education and personal assistance. We pride ourselves in listening to what our customers want their firearm for and give unbiased guidance toward a correct match for their individual need. We are not compensated, nor endorse, any particular brand of firearm. Therefore, our only motivation is to pair the proper gun with it's new owner.

Buy and Sell Guns & Rifles in Sumner


We carry a wide variety of new and used pistols, shotguns, and rifles.

We also have relationships with the largest gun vendors in the United States, which gives us access to a vast selection of guns at competitive pricing so we can order your firearm if we don't have one on hand.

There is also a convenient portal to our more than $50 million inventory right on our website. Firearms purchased on our website are only marked up 13%. Check us out before you go somewhere else; our prices rival and often beat those of the big box stores!

Shopping local does not always equal paying more. The real advantage to our store is the extensive knowledge our staff brings to the table. Being largely female owned lends an additional advantage to our lady gun buyers. We are seeing more and more first time gun buyers, and you can count on the Pistol Annie's staff to spend extra time and attention to helping our new gun owners purchase with confidence.

Our message to ALL firearms owners is safe handling and practice, practice, practice!