Bonney Lake FFL Dealer


As the biggest little pawnshop in the Wild Wild West, we specialize in firearms, and unlike many pawnshops we have firearms experts available for pistol selection and consultation.

We are authorised for the sale of guns. We are the FFL dealer of new and used pistols, shotguns and rifles with FFL transfer service capabilities. You will typically find a large selection of firearms and firearms accessories with competitive pricing.

Under the Gun Control Act, a dealer is defined as any person who is engaged in the business of selling firearms at wholesale or retail, repairing firearms, or making or fitting special barrels, stocks, or trigger mechanisms to firearms, or who is a pawnbroker.

We have made firearms buying and selling easy for our customers by:

  • Offering a tailored and efficient FFL transfer process
  • Providing incoming and outgoing gun transfer/firearm transfer services for gun owners
  • Explaining how to transfer gun registration
  • Fulfilling all federal and state recordkeeping requirements

Come to Pistol Annie’s Jewelry and Pawn, your favorite licensed dealer for new and used firearms, accessories with convenient gun transfer and firearm transfer services.

Bonney Lake FFL Transfer


The FFL transfer process is essentially a physical transfer or hand-over of a firearm. As your FFL dealer we know all of the compliance laws involved in a firearm transfer.

These are a few important reasons for a firearm or gun transfer:

  • It helps to keep guns out of the hands of criminals
  • Protects a person from liability if the buyer commits an act with the gun you sold them
  • Gun transfer protects purchaser by verifying the firearm was obtained by legal means

Because the laws restricting firearm sales vary by state, we encourage you to come into our pawnshop for FFL dealer transfer service as the best way to conduct this type of transaction.

Firearm Transfer Fees:

Military and First Responders: $25
Regular Transfers: $40

Call or visit us to learn how we can provide you with a safe and legal firearm transfer.

Bonney Lake Gun Transfer/Firearm Transfer


As an FFL dealer specializing in buying and selling firearms we make purchases and sales of guns safe by providing gun transfer/firearm transfer services for gun owners.

We offer FFL transfer services that help you take ownership even if the firearm was purchased from another dealer, or in the case of a firearm handed down by family or friends.

These are a few reasons to come to us for new and used guns, firearms, accessories and fulfillment of your FFL transfer process:

  • We pay top dollars for guns
  • Our extensive selection
  • Availability of firearms experts for consultation
  • We are an FFL dealer fulfilling all state and federal recordkeeping requirements
  • Competitive pricing

Call or visit Pistol Annie’s Jewelry and Pawn, a licensed dealer that specializes in firearms and believes in the importance of protecting your gun rights. (253) 533-2033