Guns for Sale in the Lakewood Area


You could be buying guns, rifles, shotguns or other firearms for personal reasons. But with the plethora of choices with regard to brands, calibers and models, choosing the right one could be difficult. However, we can help.

We, at Pistol Annie’s Jewelry and Pawn provide high quality guns for sale in the Lakewood, WA area. Whatever your requirements are for guns, rifles, or shotguns, we cater to them all. As an established dealer to buy and sell firearms, we provide the best quality used guns for sale in Lakewood.

clients keep coming back to us to check our collection of used guns for sale in Lakewood for the following reasons:

  • Best selection
  • Different styles and models
  • Personal assistance

Buying the relevant guns, rifles, or shotguns as per your requirement could be a difficult choice. However, we as experienced dealers who offer guns for sale in Lakewood can help you out.

Lakewood Residents Can Come to Us to Buy and Sell Firearms


You should buy and sell firearms in Lakewood only from experienced dealers. This is so recommended to protect you from any undue harassment and hassle that might occur if the purchased firearms are illegal. We are the best place to buy and sell firearms in Lakewood because we source all our firearms from reliable vendors.

If you want to know where to sell guns locally to get the best price, you can come to us. Gun collectors can also come to us to buy and sell firearms in Lakewood for the following reasons:

  • Antique collections
  • Sourced from reliable vendors
  • Proper documentation provided

We are also the best place to buy and sell firearms in Lakewood because we often have very good prices on our used guns for sale.

Why Choose Us for Guns, Rifles and Shotguns in Lakewood?


Whether you are a new owner or an experienced hunter, you want your guns, rifles and shotguns in Lakewood to be of the best quality. This is to ensure that when you actually need it, there are no problems. You can choose guns, rifle and shotguns in Lakewood because we have them in different:

  • Brands
  • Models
  • Calibers

This way, you have plenty of choices when it comes to buying or selling guns, rifles or shotguns in Lakewood.

If you have been looking to change your gun collection and are searching for reliable dealers that buy and sell firearms while catering to Lakewood, call us at 253-533-2033.