Guns for Sale in the Silverdale Area


People who want to buy guns, rifles, shotguns or pistols and are looking for a reputable shop offering guns for sale in the Silverdale, WA area need to know just one name – Pistol Annie's Jewelry & Pawn.

Since opening the store in 2012, we have worked hard to establish ourselves as one of the most trusted sources around for firearms of different types, styles, and calibers. You can shop with us for guns, rifles, shotguns, and pistols of many makes and models.

We have new as well as used guns for sale. Whether you want one of the latest firearms on the market or wish to add to your collection of antique guns, rifles, shotguns or pistols, we are the place to visit.

Apart from a huge selection of guns for sale, we offer Silverdale residents the benefits of:
  • Accurate product information
  • Unbiased guidance in choosing the most suitable firearm
  • Competitive prices

Silverdale Residents Can Come to Us to Buy and Sell Firearms


Are you interested in selling a firearm and want to get a fair price for it? Get in touch with us. Besides having guns for sale, we also buy guns, rifles, shotguns, and pistols.

We make it incredibly easy to buy and sell firearms in the Silverdale area. Anyone who comes to us to buy and sell firearms should know that they could not have gone to a better place.

Our customers can relax and look forward to buying and selling firearms:

  • With minimal hassle
  • In the shortest time possible
  • Following all the local, state and federal laws

Being a woman-owned business, we cater to the discriminating woman looking for the right firearm, training or just information about firearms.

Why Choose Us for Guns, Rifles, and Shotguns in Silverdale?


The purchase of guns, rifles, shotguns or pistols is an important and expensive investment. It is important that you buy the right product, at the right price.

We are the ideal place to shop for guns, rifles, shotguns, and pistols for Silverdale residents. The things that set us apart from other stores having firearms for sale include that we:

  • Do not promote or endorse any specific firearm brand
  • Offer guns for sale in-store or through a convenient online portal
  • Are an ethical, service-oriented and customer-friendly business

Make Pistol Annie's Jewelry & Pawn your first stop when you want to buy or sell firearms in the Silverdale area. Call (253) 533-2033 for more information.