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Let Pistol Annie's Jewelry & Pawn be your first and only stop to buy coins in the Sumner, WA area. There may be some other places in or around the community that sell coins. However, you cannot rely on them all for honest dealings and fair prices.

It is advisable to buy coins Sumner from a reputable shop that has proven to be ethical and has earned the trust of the local coin collectors. We are proud to be such a store that people have been visiting since 2012 to buy coins in Sumner that have antique value or are made from precious metals.

We are committed to providing our clients great deals while they buy coins in Sumner that make a valuable addition to their collection. Come to us and see for yourself why people love visiting us to buy the following:

  • Silver coins
  • Silver bullion
  • Gold coins
  • Old coins
  • Rare coins

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Sumner Sell Coins


At our store, we also attend to people who are looking to sell coins in Sumner. Coin collection is a hobby that is pursued with great passion, and collectors are always striving to increase their treasure!

However, there can be circumstances when they have to sell coins in Sumner. Need for liquid cash to meet a financial emergency or to make an investment are the two most common reasons for collectors to sell coins in Sumner. Moreover, there can be some people who are not avid collectors and wish to sell coins in Sumner that have come to them from another source.

Get in touch with none but us, no matter why you are searching for:

  • Coin buyers
  • Places that buy coins
  • Shops taking antique coins for sale
  • Old money buyer

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Sumner Coin Collectors


Are you on the lookout for Sumner coin collectors known for sincere, above-board dealings? Thankfully, you do not have to search far and wide for the Sumner coin collectors you want!

Only a quick call to us is required to connect you with one of the top-rated Sumner coin collectors. Our belief in complete transparency in all that we do and commitment to serving the best interests of client sets us apart from the other Sumner coin collectors.

Get full worth for your prized asset by letting us be your best source for coins:

  • Coin shop
  • Bullion dealer
  • Coin dealer
  • Numismatist

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