South Hill FFL Dealer


Are you wondering What does an FFL dealer mean? An FFL (Federal Firearms License) dealer makes the process of buying and selling firearms safe and legal. Looking for an FFL dealer? Pistol Annie's Jewelry and Pawn has plenty of experience with firearm transfers so you can rest assured that you'll receive a fast transaction.

We are a licensed FFL dealer serving South Hill and the surrounding areas for years. We specialize in providing both sale and purchase gun transfer services for South Hill gun owners. As a leading FFL dealer, we have a strong reputation for providing professional service and competitive pricing.

Whether or not the firearm was purchased from us, we will be happy to help in the FFL transfer process. Rest assured that we strictly follow all the federal, state, and local laws associated with FFL transfer.

Our features include:

  • A collection of both new and pre-owned firearms
  • A highly customized FFL transfer process
  • Firearms specialists available for consultation

South Hill FFL Transfer


FFL transfer dealers are a way to protect firearm sellers and purchasers and to ensure that the firearms do not reach criminal hands. Firearms sales and purchases are tricky and the laws vary from state to state. Using a licensed FFL transfer dealer is the best way to conduct the transaction.

From pistols to shotguns to rifles, we offer our FFL transfer services for many different kinds of firearms. Complete customer satisfaction is our number one priority. We go the extra mile to ensure a fantastic FFL transfer service for our South Hill customers.

We offer:

  • Fair, reasonable rates
  • Outstanding customer service
  • Much needed peace of mind

South Hill Gun Transfer/Firearm Transfer


Our pawn shop can not only help you buy and sell firearms; we can also help you with the gun transfer process in South Hill. Whether the firearm was handed over by a family member or purchased from another dealer, visit us for a fast, efficient firearm transfer.

We are knowledgeable in firearm transfer compliance laws, so you can rest easy knowing that your gun transfer needs are in good hands. You should let us help you with your gun transfer and firearm purchase because we:

  • Offer a friendly, relaxed atmosphere
  • Protect your firearms rights
  • Guarantee a hassle-free experience

Don't have anyone to sell your gun to? No problem! We buy most firearms and would be glad to inspect yours to see what we can offer you.

Call Pistol Annie's Jewelry and Pawn at (253) 533-2033 to find out more about our gun transfer services for South Hill residents.