Kent Buy Coins


If you are a coin collector and wish to buy coins in Kent, WA, then you are in the right place. Whether you collect unique or antique coins for trading or as your passion, you need a place that offers these coins at affordable prices.

Get in touch with Pistol Annie's Jewelry & Pawn when you wish to buy coins Kent. We are an established jewelry and pawn shop and we buy and sell coins. Kent coin collectors and even collectors from other areas visit us to buy coins which include:

  • Antique coins
  • Unique coins
  • Gold coins
  • Silver coins

You can trust us to offer the best deals when you buy coins from us in Kent. You are sure to get the best collection of old and new coins with us.

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Kent Sell Coins


If you have old and unused coins and you seek good value for them, then you must choose a reputable place in Kent to sell coins. You can seek reviews from other collectors or your acquaintances that have an interest in collecting coins in Kent.

Rely on us in Kent to sell coins as several coin collectors approach us to sell and buy coins. Our reputation as a reliable jewelry and pawn shop has made us the number one choice of collectors. Call us when you wish to sell coins in Kent of the following types:

  • Rare coins
  • Ancient coins
  • Old coins
  • Broken coins

We buy and sell all types of coins and jewelry giving you the best deals whether you are a buyer or a seller in Kent.

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Kent Coin Collectors


If you are one of the Kent coin collectors that look for the best deals on buying and selling coins, then you need not look further. Finding rare or unique coins is not easy. Similarly getting good value for your coins is not always easy.

Count on us as the coin dealers Kent coin collectors trust. We offer you the best deals and value for your coins and jewelry. For you and other Kent coin collectors, we offer the following:

  • Collectible coins
  • Silver coin collection
  • Gold coin collection
  • Rare collectible coins

Call us to learn more about our coin collection or visit us to see our collection of coins.

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